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Baby carrier
Baby carrier
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Baby carrier

BabeBliss Carry shoulder baby carrier 4-in-1

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BabeBliss Carry shoulder baby carrier 4-in-1

BabeBliss Carry shoulder baby carrier 4-in-1

How can the innovative design of our baby carrier, featuring a narrow seat, help you?

Embark on an extraordinary journey of closeness and comfort with our unrivaled baby carrier: an experience designed to create lasting memories for you and your precious little one. When rocking your baby in the face-in position, our meticulously designed narrow seat, designed for infants weighing approximately 8-15 pounds, provides independent head support, promoting a sense of security and comfort. heat. The added strap feature not only ensures a perfect fit but also allows you to lean in for those tender moments, when you can gently place a kiss on your baby's head, forging an unbreakable bond.

Smoothly transition to outward-facing adventure mode, where our narrow seat accommodates babies who can support their heads independently. Watch with delight as your little explorer takes in the wider view while remaining intimately connected to you. It is important to note that in this outward-facing position, a wider seat is not recommended. Instead, enjoy the comfort of the slightly wider seat, perfectly suited to babies weighing between 6.8 and 14.5 kg. This thoughtful design not only provides optimal comfort but also allows your baby's little legs to wrap around you, creating a cozy, cozy cocoon.

Become a parent easily with less stress and increased joy as our versatile and comfortable baby carrier becomes an integral part of your daily routine. Elevate the art of babywearing and savor every moment, creating a treasured experience for you and your little one that transcends the ordinary.

Style and Comfort: Enjoy the versatility of our 4-in-1 convertible carrier featuring an adjustable ergonomic seat, shoulder straps, and waist belt. Shift the weight to the wearer's hips for a comfortable fit.

Various Wearing Options: This carrier offers both facing-in and facing-out positions, making it suitable for newborns and older babies weighing between 8-32 pounds.

Benefits and Usage: Embrace hands-free convenience with opportunities for bonding and developmental benefits. Whether you're running errands or exploring parks, there's no better place than close to your baby.

Thank you for considering our product. Embrace comfort, style, and convenience. Make every day with your baby a joyous adventure. Order now and experience the difference! Your satisfaction is our priority. Happy parenting!


  • Bearing 20kg
  • Material COTTON
  • Age range 7-12m, 13-24m
  • Type Backpacks & Carriers


1) I love this carrier. Exactly as described and delivered on time.

2) Good quality product. Arrived well packaged and before the expected date.

3) Very cool and quality. With a comfortable insert. everything is adjustable.


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